What is The STir?


About Us

About Us

The Stir empowers local people to access, grow, create, and market local food.

The Stir is a project of the Kamloops Food Policy Council and member of the BC Food Hub Network. More than just a building, our food hub is a network of shared kitchen facilities, support, and resources spread out across Kamloops and the surrounding region. Acting like a mycelium - a network of microscopic strands connecting mushrooms and the surrounding ecosystem - The Stir works collaboratively to connect and strengthen our regional food system.


The Stir Phase One:

In our first phase we helped fund the new Gardengate Training Centre with a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen shared between Stir Makers and Gardengate’s horticultural therapy program.We also supported the Kweseltken Kitchen, a mobile food processing trailer that services rural indigenous communities.

The Stir Phase Two:

The Stir is the second phase of the Kamloops food hub project. Located at 185 Royal Avenue in the heart of the North Shore, The Stir has two areas of focus: its Stirfront community spaces and full-scale food processing facility. It is just one myceliam thread working towards a healthier, happier, and more sustainable Kamloops!


The Stir kitchen focuses on food preservation methods, such as canning and dehydration. Our facilities can help small-scale sauce producer scale-up their business from a few dozen jars per day to over 1000 jars per day, giving them more time to work on their business, rather than in it. For more details to what our kitchen offers, check out our Stir Maker page.

Located right off the bustling Tranquille Market Corridor, The Stirfront provides ample opportunities for community connections around food. Whether its attending workshops, perusing our seed library, or picking up CSA boxes and meat orders in our Stirfront space. Enjoying our beautiful public plaza at our public parklet. Or attending community food-based events at our riverfront court yard, we help bring our community together over the sharing of good food!  

Who is The STir?



Food Hub Manager

Kent Fawcett is the Food Hub Manager and face behind The Stir. He is a highly skilled food entrepreneur and founder of the award-winning food processing company Local Pulse. He’s here to help local food businesses and up-and-coming food entrepreneurs along their journey using his own path as a guide.


Food is a labour of love for Kent. Passionate about food and sustainability, he thoroughly enjoys working with prospective food entrepreneurs at The Stir to turn their dream products into a “made in Kamloops” reality



Food Policy Implementation Lead

Lindsay Harris is the KFPC’s Food Policy Implementation Lead and the driving force behind the Food Hub.


Passionate about growing our local food economy in a just and equitable way, Lindsay has a PhD focused on participatory research in the Kamloops food system and a background in community economic development. In her role at the KFPC and The Stir, Lindsay facilitates collaborative efforts to grow the agriculture sector in our region.


Lindsay is excited about working with local producers and community partners to find creative solutions to get more local food on our shelves year-round.




ali MacBoudreau

Kitchen Coordinator

Ali is our Kitchen Coordinator, helping us manage the shared commercial kitchen at The Stir.


Ali is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Honest Elixirs, a food processing business based in Kamloops. Outside of The Stir, you’ll find her most Saturdays as a vendor at the Kamloops Regional Farmer’s Market. Ali is passionate about local and nutritious food and loves getting the opportunity to connect with the creative and hard working people who produce it.


Jess payette

Stirfront Assistant

Jess has a BA from Thompson Rivers University and is working on her post graduate certificate in Instructional Design. When she’s not at The Stir, Jess is working as the Office Coordinator at the Kamloops Food Bank, or working on zine’s about Kamloops’s local businesses.


Jess is excited to help bring the Stirfront to life and connect with our local food community through community events, workshops, and other food initiatives!