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What is a Stir Maker

The Stir provides a shared, collaborative space to cross-pollinate creative ideas and learn from others in our community. We value the food commons and the importance of shared infrastructure.

Our food hub provides kitchen facility rentals, commercial processing equipment, storage, business mentorship, and community connections to help local food entrepreneurs expand their business. By providing these resources, guidance, and infrastructure we allow local food to be preserved, processed, and edible on a year-round basis - building the capacity of our regional food system.

We work with all types of food entrepreneurs. From those with just an idea, individuals cooking in their own home, farmers’ market vendors, to food businesses looking for a commercial expansion. Our food hub members, known as Stir Makers, connect with us at different stages and levels of help due to the specific support or requirements needed. 

So if you're just an individual with a food idea, someone ready to take your food hobby to the next level, or looking at how to take your food business from farmers' market to retail it might be the perfect time for you to become a Stir Maker. We work in collaboration to help people just like you turn their food dream into a reality. 

As a Stir Maker, you will have access to our commercial kitchen, shared-use facilities for food and beverage processing, dry and cold storage, guidance and resources to support business development and growth, and vendor rights in our Stirfront store!

We would love to help you grow your food passion!

Why make a Stir with us?

Canning Equipment

At The Stir kitchen, you'll have access to our commercial canning equipment. As a small-scale producer, these facilities can help you go from creating a few dozen jars per day to over 1000 jars per day saving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Packaging Equipment

Our semi-automatic filling line allows you to package a measured mass or volume of your liquid food product into a suitable packaging container! Helping you move from kitchen to store front easier and faster.

Dehydrating Equipment

Our kitchen offers shared access to commercial processing equipment such as our commercial dehydrator and over 170 square feet of drying space. This equipment and space can allow you to go from a few packets of dried apricots to well over 100!

Community Connections

More than a building, our food hub model focuses on community partnerships. We continuously develop connections to other food businesses, retailers, restaurants, and organizations - facilitating potential collaborations and sharing your product at a wider scale.

Cooking Equipment

The Stir’s kitchen is home to a 20 gallon steam kettle used for uniform heating, cooking, mixing, and storing large batches of chili, soups, sauces, preserves, and other products. If you can make it in a stock pot, you can prepare it all at once in a steam kettle

Kitchen Rentals

Our partnership with Open Door Group Gardengate offers an entry level commercial kitchen for producing high-risk products for farmers' markets. Our full-scale food processing facility at The Stir will enable businesses to scale up production to meet retail demand and get selling in grocery stores!

Kitchen Equipment

The Stir's Kitchen includes a commercial convection oven and 40 gallon tilting skillet. Two versatile pieces of cooking equipment that allow you to prepare a variety of foods in larger batches. Cook, bake, braise, fry, deep fry, simmer, steam, saute, or grill more at once - saving time and money.


We help our members create a fun and exciting brand aesthetic that helps strengthen their products identity. We offer guidance on the design and packaging of your products to comply with federal regulations and stand out (in a good way!)

Food Storage

Stir Makers have access to multiple types of storage at our facilities. Whether you are looking for warehouse storage, dry storage, or a walk-in cooler or freezer - we have you covered. We want you to have your closet and pantry back.

Business Guidance

Our business mentors have taken the steps - and missteps - in food. We help individuals source specific permits and licensing needed to get your business going and growing. We take the headache out of business logistics!

Business Growth

We offer business support and guidance to all Makers of our Food Hub! This mentorship allows individuals to create a more secure business strategy to plan and identify the steps needed on your path from idea to opening, or market to larger retail stores.



Worried about getting your product on a shelf? No need. Your product will always be marketed at the Stirfront store. Did we mention, we offer free promotion and features on our social accounts?

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