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Support THE STIR

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The Stir is a network of shared food hub facilities, support, and resources spread out across the Kamloops region.


Acting like a mycelium - a network of microscopic strands connecting mushrooms and the surrounding ecosystem - The Stir works collaboratively to connect and strengthen our regional food system by supporting local food businesses and providing the resources needed to preserve, process, and distribute local food all year round!

There are many ways to support our mycelial network. Your contribution helps us support local food entrepreneurs, local community partners, and local people. Each donation goes towards expanding our community spaces, planning public events, community partners, and enhancing our kitchen facilities. We truly are local food by local people. As a registered charity, all cash donations are eligible for tax receipts.

Help us grow local food and local food businesses in Kamloops. Become one of our mushroom supporters today!

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Cathleen Kneen

a leader in the Canadian, B.C., & Kamloops food movements

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Our Sponsors

in memory of,

The Stir is a community-focused initiative. We are so thankful for the dedication and generosity of our community and sponsors. This is not just a list of logos, this is a testament to the dedication and connection of corporations, organizations, and individuals in the BC Interior who truly support our work towards a more regenerative, sovereign, & just food system.

Thank you

If your company would like to become a corporate sponsor of The Stir, please contact us today:

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