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The Faces behind The Stir

As the food hub for the Kamloops region, The Stir provides key food processing facilities, resources, and support for local food entrepreneurs. By providing a strong foundation for individuals to level up their food business in Kamloops, The Stir expands the reach and capabilities of our local food economy.

But who exactly is The Stir?

Meet Kent! Kent Fawcett is our Food Hub Coordinator, he is the face behind The Stir and has been working tirelessly to envision and plan our local food processing, innovation, and distribution centre.

Kent is a highly skilled food entrepreneur and founder of the award-winning food processing company Local Pulse. He’ here to help local food businesses and up-and-coming food entrepreneurs along their journey using his own path as a guide. Kent knows exactly how it feels to take those big risks in starting your own business, he’s walked this journey too! In addition to his personal experience, Kent brings along an impressive educational background. He has a degree in biochemistry and worked as a Research Technologist at STEMCELL Technologies.

Food is a labour of love for Kent. Passionate about food and sustainability, he is excited at the opportunity to work with prospective food entrepreneurs at The Stir to turn their dream products into a “made in Kamloops” reality

Meet Lindsay! Lindsay Harris is the KFPC’s Food Policy Implementation Lead and the driving force behind the Food Hub. She not only works on developing the policy and framework guiding the development of The Stir, she establishes those on-the-ground local partnerships and community connections that ensure the implementation of our envisioned food hub.

Lindsay is passionate about growing our local food economy in a just and equitable way. She has a PhD focused on participatory research in the Kamloops food system and a background in community economic development. In her role at the KFPC and The Stir, Lindsay continuously facilitates collaborative efforts to grow the agriculture sector in our region.

Lindsay is excited about working with local producers and community partners to find creative solutions to get more local food on our shelves year-round.

If you’re a local food business or food hobbyist, know The Stir team is here for you! Whether moving from market to retail, or hobby to business, our team wants to help you make that leap. By offering mentorship on product marketing, sourcing kitchen rentals, or simply providing encouragement on big personal leaps, we’re here to help.

Connect with us today:


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